• Jamie Lister

Prometheus: a Speyside legend

The brand story for a parcel of exceptional malt whisky which had to hide its true identity.


Prometheus, Titan of ancient Greek mythology, is remembered today for his greatest deed. When an angered Zeus took fire from man, Prometheus rebelled against the Father of Gods. He captured a flame from the hearth of Mount Olympus and carried it back to man.

Today, the spirit of the fire-bringer and champion of man lives on.

Twenty-six years ago, one of the Olympians of Speyside created a new kind of single malt: a whisky to marry the rich complexity of the Highlands with the intensity of peat smoke from the Islands.

As with all great malts, time was needed for this new Titan to mature. But while the young whisky lay sleeping, hidden from expectant eyes, the heavens shifted. The whisky’s creator departed and a malt that could be both sophisticated and powerful was seen, by some, as a threat.

Protectors of the orphan Titan kept him hidden until, in the summer of 2014, they met in secret to plan his release.

Prometheus would be free, but on two conditions: he would be mortal – destined to live a short, but glorious life – and he could never reveal from whence he came. So we give you Prometheus. A titanic Speyside with the inner strength of barley malted over peat smoke. A whisky of sublime sophistication and balance, bottled at the peak of its powers. A truly unique Single Malt Scotch Whisky, available in the most limited quantity for just one moment in time.

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